The Silver Beatles
10 May 1960 - Tuesday
Wyvern Social Club (The Blue Candle)
108 Seel Street
Photographer: Cheniston Roland

This was an audition in search of a backing band for an upcoming Billy Fury tour. The Silver Beatles didn't win the audition. However, Larry Parnes liked what he heard and hired the bacnd to back Johnny Gentle on a tour of
Scotland at the end of May.

Tommy Moore, The Silver Beatles' drummer at this time, arrived late after a couple of songs. Johnny Hutchinson from Cass And The Cassanovas (seen in the first photo) gratiously filled in on drums with a routine drum beat.

These photos illustrate perfectly Stuart's tendancy to play with his back to the audience. At one point during the audition, Parnes requested to hear the
band without Stuart. John would have no part of it. "We're a group, all or none. That's the way it is."


This is the first photograph (frame 14 of the roll) of the band
using Beatles in their name.

Cliff Roberts, Billy Fury and Larry Parnes watch the performance.

John gets an autograph from Billy.

The Wyvern Social Club was bought by Alan Williams and
renamed The Blue Angel.

NOTE: This is a fake composite photo. It is not authentic.