28 September 1960
Harold's Cafe
Grosse Freiheit
Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: unknown

I can't determine
exactly where Harold's is. One source says across
the street from The Kaiserkeller another source says across from The
Indra. In any case, it seems to be within about a block of the future
Star Club, on the same side of the street.

One source implies this might be 28 October 1960. Their friend is
Helmut (last name?), a waiter they befriended while in Hamburg.

PAUL: "Harald's was on the Große Freiheit.
They would serve
hamburgers called Frikadellen.
We could never understand why they
call them 'hamburgers' in Hamburg."

TONY SHERIDAN: "Another place we went to a lot was a typical
German "Imbiss" on the Grosse Freiheit called Harold's. The Beatles
always ate corn flakes with milk (at one time that seemed to be their
staple diet!) - and we all had tea!"