Spring 1961
Wohlwillstraße 22
Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: Jurgen Vollmer

In a 1997 interview, Jurgen Vollmer implies that these photos were taken in the afternoon after the session seen on this page. He further indicates that twelve photos were taken. All twelve photos are represented on here.

The three figures walking by are Paul, George and Stu.
Pete chose to not come along.

The sequence of the photos has been determined by an available image of a contact sheet of the set. The contact sheet is arranged in four sets of three sequenced photos. It's not clear if the four sets are in sequence. Thus, every three photos seen here is a sequence.


The image above is sourced from the unauthorized release
Rock 'n' Roll Sessions (Voxx Records). That source, for some reason,
has removed part of the person on the right. See the bottom of this page
for a poor but complete image of this photo.

Regrettably, the images above are the only ones I have for photos 10 and 11. There are no enlargements.

The photo to the left is the most famous of this set. It has been
seen frequently over the years and, in 1975, John chose a
cropped version to adorn the front cover of his Rock 'n' Roll album.

The image below is here to illustrate how
photo #6, above, has been altered.

A 1975(?) letter written by John to Jurgen Vollmer about his 1961 photos.