22 August 1962
The Cavern
Multi-media Presentation

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Some Other Guy "Take 1"
(from "Anthology")

Some Other Guy "Take 2"
(this features the 2 second edit of "Version 2"
as described on "The Story" page)
(the most complete "vintage" version)

'Kansas City' (collage)
This is a collage of the alternate shots set to the audio
of the 5 September recording

Alternate Outtakes (silent)
These are the recently surfaced alternate angles shots.


Some Other Guy edit "Take 1 & 2"
"At this midday session..."
(from "Anthology")

Some Other Guy "Take 2"
"It's... The Beatles"

[sorry, this is real low bit rate]


(for further details, see "The Story" page)

Some Other Guy "Take 1"
This is straight from Anthology

Some Other Guy "Take 2"
This includes the other intro that is described on "The Story" page.
It is sourced from the recent unauthorized release, The Early Beatles
(Darthdisc DVD) and is alledged to be the 1984 broadcast of
The Early Beatles.

'Kansas City' (collage)
This is a composite I assembled prior to the surfacing of the
'Alternate Outtakes' footage (below). It features many of the clips seen
in the outtakes however, it also includes additional clips.

Alternate Outtakes (silent)
These recently surfaced on the Darthdisc DVD which featured the clips quite chopped up. As featured here, the clips have been re-edited into a more cohesive presentation by TheBeatleSource associate Ariel Caseres.
All clips are included. They are just rearranged.

Note: I know of two more short audience shots that are not seen here at all There might be more but I've only seen two more. I am working to assemble the definitive 'outtakes' clip. I'll present it here at some time in the future.

Some Other Guy (with intro 1)
Some Other Guy (with intro 2)
These are simply audio-only. Each with an alternate introduction.