Get Back / Let It Be

This acetate introduces a perplexing situation. It would seem to originate from around the time the "Get Back" title was changed to "Let It Be". Sometime in early 1970. However, this label style was only used through mid to maybe late 1969 (of course they could have had some left over).

Shown below is studio documentation for Glyn Johns' revised "Get Back" album dated 5 January 1970. This seems to coincide with reel AR16991/2 (detailed below). However, John Barrett dates that reel 29 July 1970 (well AFTER the official "Let It Be" release). Although that date is probably when the reel made it from Apple to E.M.I.

Finally, the three cover variations are illustrated. Dating for these variations is unclear.

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version one

version two

version two
(with title change notations)

version three