Get Back (LP)

This disc was auctioned by Leylands in 2001. If the auction description is accurate, and unlike the fake acetate seen here, this disc would be the real thing.

I have been told by a Beatles acetate expert that this disc is probably Glyn John's third Get Back compilation which might make it the source for the many Get Back bootlegs that have surfaced over the years. Perhaps this is the disc source used for some of the early vinyl bootlegs and the CD, Get Back and 22 Other Songs (Yellow Dog).

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The Beatles 13th and last album "Let It Be" was issued in May ,1970 in the U.K. with the Get Back book. It was released in the U.S.A. in November 1970 without the book. "Let It Be" was salvaged from an original project entitled "Get Back" . The album was to be issued in August of 1969 but the Beatles cancelled it. Then the idea to tie in a book, film and LP was decided under the title "Let It Be". The Beatles asked Glyn Johns to edit the sessions, however, Allan Klein decided to bring in Phil Spector for the project.

This incredibly rare and practically one-of-a-kind pressing is the project prior to the Phil Spector version. This spectacular recording includes acoustic versions of Paul and some amazing tracks. The LP is in fair condition and shows a noticeable 1/4" cut into the vinyl. This is nonetheless a remarkable piece of Beatles vinyl. .