Compilation 2
(The September 1969 WKBW Radio Broadcast)

This could be considered the proverbial "lost" Beatles album. Although originally available in late 1969,
until recently, this version of Glyn's compilation had almost been lost in time.

A few months after the end of the "Get Back Sessions", in early March 1969 (this might further the original March date theory for compilation 1), Glyn was finally given the task of compiling an actual album. He set about
this task throughout April and early May 1969. This would be Glyn's second compilation and was constructed with the intent for future release but, essentially, it became the prototype for compilations 3 and 4. Apparently, The Beatles disapproved of this compilation. In late May 1969, Glyn did some editing on this version and produced compilation 3.


John Barrett only list one Get Back reel in 1969. He does not list individual mix reels for compilations 2 and 3. Mark Lewisohn's
research denotes the terms "master tape banding and compilation". So, it seems probable that this reel was spliced together
utilizing various mix tapes. Subsequently, this reel was probably edited to produce compilation 3 and thus, probably the reason
this compilation is not noted by Barrett.

AR14271/2 LP

One After 909
Save The Last Dance
Don't Let Me Down
Dig A Pony
I've Got A Feeling
Get Back
For You Blue
Teddy Boy
Two Of Us
Maggie May
Dig It
Let It Be
The Long And Winding Road
Get Back (Reprise)


On Saturday September 20, 1969, WKBW in Buffalo broadcast a tape this compilation.
The tape was sourced from an early production acetate that leaked out
of Apple's hands.

The Apple master tape is surely stereo and it can be assumed that the acetate is, too. But the tape copy
used for the broadcast features only one side of the stereo image. Evidence of this is provided by the recording itself. Besides Get Back, the recording also features an "exclusive" airing of "Across The Universe" from The World Wildlife Fund December 1969 release, No One's Gonna Change Our World. This song is not part of the actual Get Back broadcast. It appears as though WKBW broadcast the song sometime in December 1969
and the taper recorded it over a portion of the Get Back broadcast. WKBW was on 1520 AM and, thus, broadcast in mono. The broadcast of "Across The Universe" features the full audio. In other words, it's the full stereo image broadcast in mono. This demonstrates that WKBW's actual source tape for the Get Back broadcast featured only one channel of stereo.

Shortly after the broadcast, around January 1970, two bootlegs surfaced that contained recordings of the exact same acetate that was used for the WKBW broadcast. The first release was titled O.P.D. (label unknown) and featured the entire acetate. The second release was titled The Silver Album Of The World's Greatest (Jarris Records) which featured several songs but not the entire acetate. It appears that The Silver Album Of The World's Greatest utilized the same source recording as O.P.D. but it was a higher tape-generation copy. Since they feature none of the DJ dialog heard in the broadcast, the bootlegs can surely be sourced directly back to the acetate. As with WKBW's tape, both bootlegs feature only one channel of stereo. The reason for this is unclear. Perhaps the person who taped the acetate didn't realize it or it was done intentionally to preserve the unique integrity of the original acetate.

(click to hear O.P.D.)

In 2003, the WKBW broadcast surfaced on a bootleg CDR titled, WKBW Exclusive: The August 1969 Broadcast Of Get Back (Note that the date is inaccurate). The recording is a listener's off-air home recording
of the WKBW broadcast. Until that release, and although research had been done on the WKBW broadcast in the early 1990s, it was commonly believed that Glyn had made only three compilations of Get Back. However, someone finally realized that this was an unique compilation that seemed to be lost to time. Not even Mark Lewisohn or John Barrett make note of it. Recordings of this acetate appear to have not surfaced anywhere
else other than the three releases noted here.

The actual WKBW tape (click the pics for enlargements)

This second compilation differs from the more common third compilation (details below) in that there are a
few tidbits of different dialog and, more importantly, different edits of "Get Back" and "Dig It".

"Get Back" is the same performance as the single version but lacks the coda (edited from another take) that
is heard on the single and, unlike compilation 1, does not feature a 'cold' ending. Instead, the song comes to
a natural end followed by a few seconds of otherwise unavailable from multi-track studio chat among The Beatles. Note: this additional bit of dialog, probably sourced from O.P.D., can be heard at the end of disc 8
of The Get Back Journals 1 (Vigotone Records). A small bit of it is heard on Glyn's first compilation.

On Glyn's third compilation, "Dig It" is edited to the more common 3:58. On this second compilation, it clocks
in a minute longer at 4:57. Again, this is the only place these variants are available from a multi-track source.

The second compilation can be heard in its entirety only on O.P.D. You need to hunt up an old copy of that album but, good luck, it's very difficult to find. The WKBW broadcast lack a few elements of the acetate. Notably, because of the "Across The Universe" tape-over, "I've Got A Feeling" is completely missing. And, for the same reason, the end of "Dig A Pony" and the beginning of "Get Back" are also missing. A portion of "The Long And Winding Road" is missing due to a volume level problem with WKBW's tape or broadcast. Finally,
for reasons unknown, the "Get Back (Reprise)" is absent all together from the WKBW broadcast. All available copies of this compilation are less than excellent quality. O.P.D. is not only complete, it's the best source.


This is the contents of the WKBW broadcast as it survives on CD-R.
The transitions between tracks are often obscured by the DJ's dialog.
To hear the O.P.D. version, click the O.P.D. image above.


1. One After 909
This is the same as compilations 3 and 4. The song was aired twice. But both broadcasts contain problems.
I have created an unique edit of the complete song - here

2. Rocker-Save The Last Dance For Me-Don't Let Me Down
This is missing the tape-start sound in the beginning (the sound is heard on O.P.D.).
Otherwise, it's the same as compilation 3. Compilation 4 also features these performances
but there is some debate how accurate the available recordings are. See compilation 4 for details.

3. Don't Let Me Down
This is the same as compilation 3.

4. Dig A Pony
This is the same as compilation 3.
Into the instrumental break, the track suddenly ends and is replaced with...

5. Across the Universe
This is from a later broadcast. It's from the No One's Gonna Change Our World charity album. It includes the birds sound effects
intro and outro. The home taper had recorded over the second half of track 4, all of track 5 and the first half of track 6 for this song.
This song likely would have been broadcast no earlier than December 1969. "ATU" was not part of the Get Back tape that WKBW
aired that September. I have included it here merely for historical purposes. For the missing portions of the Get Back acetate, one
must turn to the obscure O.P.D. bootleg. "I've Got a Feeling", which should be here, would be the same mix as compilation three.
However, Ringo's end comment, "Glyn, what does that sound like?" is absent. It's not clear if it was omitted on O.P.D. or if it was
added for compilation three.

6. Get Back
The song is heard from its instrumental break, then fades just before Paul's "oooh" near the end.
On O.P.D., this performance begins as it does on compilation 1 (with John's comment, "picks with the fingers").
For completeness, the audio file presented here features the end snippet found on The Get Back Journals 1 edited onto the end.


1. For You Blue
This is the same as compilation 3.

2. Teddy Boy
This is the same as compilation 3.

3. Two Of Us/Maggie Mae
This is the same as compilations 3 and 4.

4. Dig It
This is a longer 5-minute edit but otherwise, it sounds the same as the 4-minute edit on compilation three. The additional minute is at
the beginning of the song. Both edits end the same. The first three seconds of this mix is also found on the oldies compilation - here.

5. Let It Be
This is the same as compilations 3 and 4.

6. The Long and Winding Road
This mix is the same as compilation 3. However, it doesn't include John's intro comment, "Are we supposed to giggle in the
solo?" and Paul's reply, "yeah". The comments are not simply missing from the broadcast, they are missing on the acetate. Into the
second verse, a promo from CJRN, a Canadian station, suddenly cuts in and then there's silence; the KB announcer wonders out
loud if that's the end of the tape. He assumes it is, begins recapping, but then, suddenly, the song quickly fades back in and
resumes from near the second stanza of the first verse. At this point, the DJ mentions that this is a "double album". There are
indications that WKBW actually had two tapes -- one album side per reel.

Finally, after this song ends, the tape ends, and the DJ recaps again, reading a small passage from
the September 20, 1969 Rolling Stone article

(Get Back - reprise)
This is on the acetate and can be heard on O.P.D. but it was not heard on the WKBW broadcast.
It is the same as compilations 3 and 4.

NOTE: The WKBW recording seems to progressively get slower as it progresses (O.P.D. does not). This is very similar to the
recording found on The Very Best Of The Beatles Rarest Number Six (noted above). While I found this to be an interesting
coincidence, Rarest Number Six is sourced from compilation 3, which would seem to debunk any relationship theory.
I discussed this with John Winn. He, too, could not figure any relationship between the two recordings.


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Some of the data on this page was provided by John Winn and Don Giller.
Thanks, guys.