Compilation 3

The Beatles were apparently dissatisfied with Glyn's second compilation because, on 15 and 28 May 1969,
he returned to Olympic Studios for further work on the Get Back album. Although this version would also
remain unreleased, it is the definitive version on Get Back. This is what would have been. It w
as scheduled for release first in August, then September and, finally, December 1969 with "Let It Be" as the scheduled single.

This time, Glyn used the full April 1969 single mix of "Get Back". "Dig It" must have been deemed too long because it was trimmed down to the more common 3:58. A few bits of dialogue were also changed.


John Barrett does not list any mix reels for this compilation.
Mark Lewisohn's research denotes the terms "master tape banding and compilation".
So, it seems probable that this reel was spliced together utilizing the original mix tapes.

This reel was probably edited from the same reel used to produce compilation 2.
Glyn probably made a dub of the "Get Back" single mix and either remixed "Dig It" then inserted them into the reel.
He also added a few extra bits of dialog.

AR14271/2 LP

One After 909
Save The Last Dance
Don't Let Me Down
Dig A Pony
I've Got A Feeling
Get Back
For You Blue
Teddy Boy
Two Of Us
Maggie May
Dig It
Let It Be
The Long And Winding Road
Get Back (Reprise)

Although it was not broadcast like the first two compilations, this compilation surfaced in the 1970s from both
an acetate and, according to Doug Sulpy, a tape source. While the acetate and the tape source are the same
compilation, there are two minor differences between the two. For reasons unknown, the tape source is missing the first second or two of "One After 909" and the chat heard at the end of "For You Blue". This appears to be a banding oddity and not an actual compilation variant. I have been unable to determine exactly when the two individual sources first surfaced but this compilation
has been a mainstay in The Beatles' bootleg canon since it first appeared in the 1970s.

The first appearance of this compilation was in 1974, on an early bootleg titled Get Back Sessions: Studio Outtakes by the famous Trademark Of Quality Records. That release was quickly copied and rereleased
under the same title. I would suspect this is the acetate but cannot verify it yet.

The first issue

A quick knock-off

The first releases were in poor quality but improved quality releases soon began to appear with such titles as Next To Last Recording Session, Get Back Sessions and The Very Best Of The Beatles Rarest Number Six. Labels such Trademark Of Quality and Wizardo led the way with the new releases. The earliest that I can
definitively trace the acetate source is 1977 on The Very Best Rarest Number Six (TKRWM).

For whatever reason, many of the early releases began Side 1 with "Rocker" and "Save The Last Dance For
Me" while placing "The One After 909" at the end of Side 1. Also, "Rocker" was usually faded in, eliminating
the tape start-up at the beginning. This appears to be the doings of the bootleggers.

Sometime in the mid 1970s, Wizardo released the compilation with an appropriate cover. The cover was black and white but it was an authentic cover design for Get Back (actually Let It Be). Thus, this marked the first, remotely appropriate, representation of Get Back.
I cannot determine if this release was sourced from the acetate or the tape.

In 1986, the coolest Get Back vinyl package was released. In my opinion, this is what should have been.
For complete details about this release - see here. This is likely the tape-sourced version because the matrix
is PCS 7080 and the same stamper plates were used for subsequent releases which feature the tape-sourced version. It was common for the same plates to be used for different bootleg releases.

In the later 1980s, Tonto Records released the package in excellent quality with a full color front cover
utilizing the second cover design and a back cover resembling the back of the official Let It Be album
This release is sourced from the acetate

In 1987, Trademark Of Quality released the definitive "Get Back Sessions" package, The Get Back Journals. This package included ten discs of Nagra recordings from the sessions with an eleventh disc of the Get Back album. The Get Back disc featured the first cover design with a back cover that was probably an authentic design. The disc was made with the PCS 7080 plates and should be the tape-sourced version. It also used the exact same cover as the bogus promo package.

The earliest I can definitively trace the tape-source version is 1989 on Get Back with Don't Let Me Down and 9 Other Songs (Blackbird Records). The Blackbird disc is made from the PCS 7080 plates and used the exact same cover as the bogus promo package.

The right image is the same for The Get Back Journals disc 11 and the Blackbird Release.
Both releases also feature the same back cover as the 'promo' package.
See the back cover below.

The first CD version (reportedly sourced from the Tonto vinyl) appeared in 1988. The cover was identical to
disc eleven of The Get Back Journals and the disc was designed to look like an official Parlophone release.
In 1991, Yellow Dog Records introduced a "declicked" CD version of the acetate titled Get Back and 22
Other Songs
. Opinion about the "declicking" is subjective to one's own tastes.

Finally, in 1994, most of the tape-sourced version made its CD debut on As Nature Intended (Vigotone)
and subsequently, in 2000, complete on Thirty Days (Vigotone).


The track sequence is the same as compilation 2.
The files presented here are taken from the tape source found on Thirty Days with the missing bits edited in from elsewhere.


1. One After 909
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4.

2. Rocker-Save The Last Dance For Me-Don't Let Me Down
Many copies of this compilation fade-in this track in, I assume, an attempt to eliminate the tape-start sound heard at the beginning. Because it appears on both the acetate and tape sources, It seems apparent that the sound is supposed to be there.
This is the same as compilations 2 and possibly 4.

3. Don't Let Me Down
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4.

4. Dig A Pony
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4.

5. I've Got A Feeling
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4. At the end, Glyn has added Ringo's comment, "Glyn, what does that sound like?".

6. Get Back
This is the same as compilation 4. It's the stereo single mix (RS5) with the coda.
Gone are John's intro comments, "picks with the fingers" and the chat at the end.


1. For You Blue
This the same as compilations 2 and 4 except compilation 4 edits out a bit of the intro.

2. Teddy Boy
This is the same as compilation 2. It would be omited from compilation 4.

3. Two Of Us/Maggie Mae
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4.

4. Dig It
This is a longer 5-minute edit but otherwise, it sounds the same as the 4-minute edit on compilation three.
The additional minute is at the beginning of the song. Both edits end the same.

5. Let It Be
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4.

6. Long and Winding Road
This mix is the same as compilations 2 and 4 however, this compilation add John's comment "Are we supposed to giggle in the
solo?" and Paul's reply, "yeah". These comments are absent from compilation 2 but are present on compilation 4.

Get Back (Reprise)
This is the same as compilations 2 and 4.

This is the back cover featured on the bogus promo package, The Get Back Journals and the Blackbird release.
It appears as though it's an authentic back cover design.