Compilation 4

It was December 1969 and still no Get Back album. The primary factor for the delay was The Beatles' general disdain for the sessions and material. Production of the book, which was to accompany the album, provided some delay but a major hold up was the film production. With the film nearing completion, it was determined
that the album's original track line-up would not be seen or heard the movie.

Two songs seen in the movie, "Across The Universe" and "I Me Mine", were not part of the album's original
track list. Where as "Teddy Boy" would not be seen in the movie and needed to be eliminated from the album.
Glyn needed to make an adjustment to his third compilation.

On 15 and 21 December, again at Olympic Studios, Glyn set about the task of updating the album. It was probably on this date that he dug out reel E67496 which contained the original multi-track recording of "Across The Universe" (take 8) from 8 February 1968. This is the same performance that was mixed in October 1969 for
the No One's Gonna Change Our World LP. That mix couldn't be used for Get Back so Glyn remixed the
song to sound as though it was recorded during the "Get Back Sessions".

"I Me Mine" was a different story. In the film, The Beatles are seen rehearsing the song at Twickenham Studios but no proper recording had been done at Apple. A recording needed to be done. On 3 January 1970, Paul, George, Ringo and George Martin convened at E.M.I. Studios for what would begin the final set of studio sessions by The Beatles.

On 5 January 1970, Glyn returned to Olympic to finalize the Get Back album. He mixed "I Me Mine" and compiled the album. He cut "Let It Be" from side two and tacked it onto the end of side one and placed the
new mixes of "Across The Universe" and "I Me Mine" at the end of side two.

Although "Let It Be" had received the stinging lead guitar overdub on 4 January 1970, Glyn opted for his
original mix featuring the 30 April 1969 guitar overdub. However, on 8 January 1970, he remixed the song
which was eventually released on the single in March 1970.

Also, probably sometime during early January 1970, George recorded a new vocal for "For You Blue". Mark Lewisohn indicates that this was probably 8 January (and subsequently, John Winn does, too). However, a mix including both vocals is featured on this fourth compilation (see details below). The tape box for this compilation clearly dates it as 5 January. Either, Glyn spliced an 8 January mix onto the 5 January reel or, since the new vocal was recorded at Olympic Studios (for which documentation is more sketchy than E.M.I.), perhaps the vocal was recorded prior to 5 January. Thanks goes out to Yosi for bringing this to our attention.

Since both master reels still exist for the previous compilation as well as this compilation, and this
compilation is noted as "Do not use for mastering", it can be assumed that Glyn made a dub of compilation 3 (reel AR14271/2 LP) and, as is apparent with the earlier compilations, since no mix tapes are logged by John Barrett, Glyn probably spliced the new mixes onto the dub reel and numbered it AR16991/2. There is no definitive evidence to indicate if acetates were cut. However, the acetate below would seem to fit this compilation.

Two acetates have surfaced that appear to contain this compilation.

Recordings of these acetates have not appeared on bootlegs.
(Click a pics for further details of the acetates)


Barrett does not list the songs but this reel surely includes the following:

One After 909
Save The Last Dance
Don't Let Me Down
Dig A Pony
I've Got A Feeling
Get Back
Let It Be
For You Blue
Two Of Us
Maggie Mae
Dig It
The Long And Winding Road
I Me Mine
Across The Universe
Get Back (Reprise)

Olympic studio tape box notaions for compilation 4

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This compilation first surfaced in 1999 taken from cassette dubs that John Barrett made of reel AR16991/2.
The initial releases were The Glyn John's Final Compilation (Vigotone) and Get Back 2nd Mix (Strawberry). There are a couple of slight differences between these two releases (see the notes below) resulting in a bit
of debate as to which one is accurate.



1. One After 909
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.

2. Rocker-Save The Last Dance For Me-Don't Let Me Down
This track is open to speculation. The initial releases of this compilation (Vigotone and Strawberry), are slightly different.
On the Vigotone release, "Save The Last Dance For Me" is complete as it is on compilations 2 and 3. On the Strawberry release,
the intro is faded in (thus, eliminating the tape-start sound commonly heard at the beginning (and heard on the Vigotone release)
and a large portion is edited out. In That Magic Feeling, John Winn indicates that the edit is accurate for compilation 4. Doug Sulpy
calls it a clumsy edit done by the bootlegger. To my ears, if Glyn really did this edit, it's quite poorly done. Otherwise, this is the
same as compilations 2 and 3. The link above is for the edited version (Strawberry).
The Vigotone version is the same as compilations 2 and 3.

3. Don't Let Me Down
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.

4. Dig A Pony
The opening note, which previously had a glitch sound, has been smoothed out a here.
Perhaps it was remixed but, otherwise, it sounds the same as compilations 2 and 3.

5. I've Got A Feeling
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.

6. Get Back
This is the same as compilation 3. This is the stereo single mix (RS5) with the coda.

7. Let It Be
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.


1. For You Blue
This track is missing a bit of the dialog and the longer false start that is heard on compilations 2 and 3. This is
the new mix mentioned above. Verses 1 and 2, along with the last line of verse 3, feature the new vocal. Most
of verse 3 is the old vocal. In portions of verse 2, both vocals can be heard.

2. Two Of Us/Maggie Mae
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.

3. Dig It
This is the same 4:00 edit as compilation 3.

4. Long and Winding Road
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.

5. I Me Mine
This is the original minute and a half edit and features a spoken intro found nowhere else.

6. Across The Universe
This is an unique mix of this song and features a spoken intro found nowhere else. It seems as though an acetate of
this mix was cut (possibly on 15 December 1969). Hear that acetate - here

Get Back (Reprise)
This is the same as compilations 2 and 3.