"1976 Reunion"


(six years after their breakup)

On November 2,1976,the BEATLES reunited for a recording session at DAVLEN STUDIOS in Los Angeles & recorded five songs, both hitherto unknown facts. Paul McCartney has squelched this story for years-in 1997 a reporter in the UK was threatened with being "tied up in court for the rest of your life" had it been made public. THE SUN, given the arcane laws governing the press in the United Kingdom, backed down & did not publish it. The session allegedly ended in great disharmony with the BEATLES fighting amongst themselves and they ultimately all stormed out. The names of the songs as listed on the Davlen Studios label are as follows:


In addition to the four Beatles,George Martin was also allegedly present, Len Kovner,former co-owner of Davlen Studios, can independently confirm all of the above, as can the engineers who were then present. MOMENTS IN TIME WILL BE CONDUCTING AN AUCTION OF THE ABOVE. The audiotape itself, which is present in the case, was bulk erased allegedly at the BEATLE'S insistence, to try to keep secret the fact that this session ever took place. Supposedly, an unerased version exists in the vaults at Abbey Road.



Moments In Time Inc.
Gary J. Zimet \ Curator
P.O. Box 37
Washingtonville, NY 10992

If you believe this, then...uh...
I've got a box of old 7" tapes that...uh...
The Quarry Men used on their Grundig recorder. Uh...sorry, but they've been uh...recorded over.

Beatle Sessions at Davlen Sound Studios, 1976.....

Press Release
Wednesday, Dec. 24th

David Lines, co-founder and former co-owner of Davlen Sound Studios,
stated today that the release last week of information by Leonard Kovner
regarding the Beatles 'secret' reunion session and the audio tape from that
session may have been, in his opinion, inaccurate.

"The tape case and Davlen stationery being offer for sale by Moments In
Time is consistent with those we used throughout the 1970's. Never, to the
best of my knowledge, were engineers or tape operators given 'blank labels'
to practice writing song titles or any other information on. I personally
never saw initials used instead of full names of Producers as well as
Engineers, which leads me to believe that someone personally involved in the
session may have filled out the sheet as opposed to someone from our
(Davlen's) staff. I believe that if a 'young engineer' had filled out the
song-list sheet, he or she would have actually been instructed to use the
names of the people involved as a matter of formality and respect."

"At this point in time, I have no information to disprove that a 'secret
session' might have taken place at Davlen. Again, the tape case is
identical to those that we used at Davlen, and I still have several in my
possession. My former partner, Leonard Kovner, apparently sent an email to
Scottish researcher Roy Deane in 1997 (see attached) admitting that the session(s)
did indeed take place. While Leonard and I have had our differences, I do
believe he was telling the truth to Mr. Deane regarding this historical event."

David Lines


LEN KOVNER, 29/5/97 pm –0500,Re: Davlen studio session???

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> I'm currently researching something for a newspaper in the UK. They've
> Been told by some that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison,
> And Ringo Starr recorded some songs at your studios (around 1974?) with
> George Martin producing.
>Track Titles are: Back Home, Happy Feelin' Little Girl, People Of The
>Third World, Rockin' Once Again.
>No other details are available.
>I was contacted to verify this (without a fee) but can find no trace of
>the tracks in question. I am aware of the Nilsson sessions in 1974 and
>the Ringo Starr sessions in 1973 that saw brief Beatles reunion but have
>no information about sessions at Davel.
>Can you assist in any way?
>Roy Deane Rockmine Archives, Scotland
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Someone you know must have seen the 3-M tape box with the Davlen Sound
Studios logo and song list. It is rather difficult to talk about, as this is
one of the most obscure events in the Beatles history. I put in a call to George
Martin requesting permission to discuss the sessions. As I was the
engineer, along with other noted L.A. engineers, I still work with the
remaining lads. If you would like to phone me at XXX-XXX-XXXX, I can shed
some additional light and stories about these historical and failed events.

Len Kovner

from NME Published: 16-12-2003


Mystery surrounds an Internet auction site which claims to have proof that THE BEATLES reunited in 1976 for a recording session in LOS ANGELES.

The website is auctioning a recordings list and tape of five songs that the Fab Four allegedly recorded on November 2 at Davlen Studios. It is also claimed that the session ended with the band storming out of the session.

A statement on momentsintime.com said: "The names of the songs as listed on the Davlen Studios label are as follows: 1.'Happy Feeling' 2.'Back Home' 3.'Rockin Once Again' 4.'People Of The Third World' 5.'Little Girl'.

It adds: "In addition to the four Beatles, George Martin was also allegedly present, Len Kovner, former co-owner of Davlen Studios, can independently confirm all of the above, as can the engineers who were then present."

However momentsintime.com say that the tape, which is present in the case, was bulk erased by request of The Beatles in order to keep the knowledge of the session secret.

An unerased version of the tape is rumoured to exist in the vaults of the legendary studio, Abbey Road.

However, a spokesman for Paul McCartney said: "What reunion was that? I am not aware of any Beatles reunion in the 70s."