Rory Storm And The Hurricanes
3 May 1960 - Tuesday
Liverpool Stadium
Photographer: unknown

This is probably the earliest known photo of the band.

It was a few months later that Ritchie became "Ringo Starr".
Before leaving for Butlins in the summer of 1960 the band all
adopted the "stage names" noted below.

In photo left to right:
Johnny Byrne "Johnny Guitar" (rhythm guitar)
Alan Caldwell "Rory Storm" (vocals)
Wally Eymond "Lu Walters" (bass guitar/vocals)
Ritchie Starkey "Ringo Starr" (drums)
Charles O'Brien "Ty O'Brien" (lead guitar)

An excellent article about the band by Bill Harry can be read - here


Rory Storm and Johnny Guitar with Gene Vincent and an unknown fellow who looks like he might be a member of Vincent's band.
I don't know if this photo is on this date.