Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers
30 December - March 1962
The Top Ten Club
163 Reeperbahn
Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: unknown

In early 1962, Ringo took a leave from Rory Storm and The Hurricanes to join Tony Sheridan's Beat Brothers in Hamburg for a few weeks. He didn't really like it and soon returned to The Hurricanes.

Photo 1 left to right:
Ringo Starr, Roy Young (piano), Colin Melander (bass), Tony Sheridan


At one time Ringo considered joining the Seniors, but on December 30, 1961 he left for Germany to back Tony Sheridan at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, enticed by the lure of a large fee, a flat and the use of a car. However, he found Sheridan's eccentric style of performing too hard to cope with (he'd often change songs in the middle of a performance without telling his backing band) and returned to the Hurricanes. While he was absent from the group, Derek Fell from the Blackpool group the Executioners replaced him.